Providing Clean, Reliable and Affordable Wave Energy from the North Sea


The anchor is 10m marine grade concrete block that can contain air or water. For transport it contains air and gets towed to its destination. There it's filled with seawater and sunk to its final location on the seabed. For maintenance it's filled with pressed air until it floats up to the surface, allowing underwater parts and connections to be inspected and maintained. The anchor proactively enhances marine biodiversity as its structure is suitable for early food chain organisms to attach and develop. The food chain starts with hard soil as that's needed for small organisms to develop. Ever since the obliteration of hard soil by fishing away most of the boulders and oyster banks, flora and fauna in the North Sea got decimated. At this moment the ca. 3000 ship wrecks start the basic food chain but each wind park that gets protected by a Slow Mill park would add about 30-40 ha hard soil to make flora and fauna in the North Sea florish and prosper again. If a wave farm is positioned along the entire northern Wadden Island coast, apart from economic coastal protection and fully sustainable islands, 300-400 ha hard soil is created to enhance marine life.