Wave Energy in the North Sea.

Unique Selling Points

Lateral stresses and extreme forces eliminated by design.
Extremely competitive power/weight ratio.
Great effficiency due to low weight composites.
Large growing market and new markets like North Sea.
Great synergy opportunities with wind and mariculture.
High on political agenda, guaranteed sales.
Low tech, strong components, shockproof.
Increasing biodiversity, ffish stocks and carbon storage.
Powering remote locations economically.
No horizon pollution.
No environmental or public hazards. 
Storm features increase effficiency instead of down time.
Predictable affordable large scale sustainable energy.
Long lifetime due to composites without corrosion and fatigue.

Artist impression of the full scale Slow Mill prototype to be installed off the coast of Texel, produced by Ingenieursbureau Rotterdam, sponsored by Waddenfonds en Noord Holland.