Providing Clean, Reliable and Affordable Wave Energy from the North Sea

Making Waves EZ - I&M.

On 7 September 2017, the ffinals of the Making Waves competition was held at the iconic afsluitdijk. Mr. Koffi Anan and Minster Schultz van Haegen opened with inspiring speeches about the urgent need for an energy, water and food transition.  


Slow Mill pitch at Making Waves ffinals at the iconic afsluitdijk.


Great PR was generated for the Slow Mill Texel Pilot with ffinanciers, government, science institutes and supply chain ffinding common ground.

Dennis Hermans, Investeringkader Waddengebied; Erwin Meijboom, R&D Slow Mill; Rob Hagmeijer, Twente University; Jelte Kymmel, Mocean Offshore; Pieter Roos, Twente University, Hans van Hilten, Waddenfonds; Peter Barendrecht, A.Hak; Robert Berends, Sparkling Projects; Jaap van Muijden, NLR.


Slow Mill missed the ffirst prize but became runner up for the the competition in Estonia. 

Erwin & Erwin at a working scale model of the Slow Mill


All contestants and jury.