Providing Clean, Reliable and Affordable Wave Energy from the North Sea


Further development resulted in hyper resonance whereby the Slow Mill follows the orbital wave path at a minimal phase gap, thus increasing efficiency. Less energy is left in its wake, even when a 1:5 scale model as shown is put in actual waves. This would be a perfect place for other activities like anchorage, ffishing, wind farms, dredging, aqua farming, etc. Most floating WECs don't mitigate waves significantly or stop doing so in higher waves but the Slow Mill also absorbs quite some energy from the larger North Sea waves. If a consecutive line of Slow Mills protects a wind farm, freak waves that hammer the monopoles of wind turbines could be mitigated by attenuation of their component parts.    

The Slow Mill is capable of mitigating higher waves. 

A wave of 27 cm (at a scale of 1:12= 3,2 m) approaches a 25 cm diameter model.

The wave is large enough to almost fully submerge the model.

In the wake of the model a lower wave makes an exit while the dynamo delivers full power.