Wave Energy in the North Sea.

Slow Mill ICO

The Initial Coin Offering is due in 2019 and will start at  0,04/fl. (=1 kWh) with a soft cap at € 3M and a hard cap of € 21M. As of juli 2018 consumers can enter a presale whitelist and get 25% discount.

 The fl. owner has the following options:

1. Buy wave energy when it is produced if the energy was purchased for a development project in the buyer’s home market. Note that the company will physically deliver wave energy based on fl. offerings.

2. Sell the fl. without any fees or commission to any other user on international markets.

3. Keep fl. in possession, wait till the rates go up due to good news, buyer confidence, high demand, etc, then offer it to the company and receive more wave energy than originally expected due to the higher rates. Of course, if the rate drops, less energy will be received.

4. Offer fl. to the company at the going rate and so buying a certain amount kWh wave energy. And if demand is higher than production, enter a waiting list. If the rate goes up or down after that, it’s the company's responsibility. Note that the maximum amount of fl. offered can not exceed one year energy consumption and only after delivery, florins for the next year can be offered. The company will not accept more fl. than the expected amount of produced kWh in any given year. 

5. If 4 years after buying a certain amount of kWh wave energy in an owners market the company has not been able to deliver, the owner can demand that the company returns the amount of kWh back in fl. at the same rate it was bought.

6. Offer fl. to the company at the same time as buying them at the same rate, ffixing the price of the wave energy so bought at € 0,04/kWh. If the fl. rate is f.i. € 0,12, you pay 12 ct for 1 fl. and if offered at the same time to the company, you'll get 0,12/0,04=3 kWh; no fees. 

Presale Whitelist 

The presale whitelist opens juli 2018. The ffirst target is a soft cap of 3M euro. As soon as that is reached, the florin goes live and will be tradable online, target is 2019 when open sea trials are in full swing. Coin issuance will stop when the hard cap of 21 M euro is reached. If you like to assist the development of Slow Mill wave energy technology, buy florins during the presale where you'll get 25% discount on the opening rate of  0,04/fl. Get registered on the presale whitelist and sign up for the amount of florins you like to own. Include your location to improve chances for a wave farm in your area. Payment instructions appear below after registration.